Welcome to the only of its kind progression for school kids above age 8yrs, on
Science | Technology | Engineering | Machine Building | Automobile | Drones | Internet of Things | Artificial Intelligence.

Oakleeaf help school kids with a 5 Days Vacation Learning and also Regular 9 level Robotics Training (know more) which covers all facets of understanding, right from Electronics – Mechanics – Automation – Programming (Arduino + Coding) – Creation(E-M-I-C).

Entry Point 1 >> VACATION BATCH

5 days Project Based Certificate Program, only during vacations to help children utilize their school vacation break wisely. During these programs students use their text-book knowledge to create exciting projects.

For school kids age 8yrs to 12yrs.

Day 1 : Pure Electronics

Day 2 : Mechanical Project & Tools Introduction

Day 3 : Automation

Day 4 : Arduino Experiments

Day 5 : Electro-Mechanical Project

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Entry Point 2 >> LEVEL ZERO

Project Based Certificate Program for kids age 8yrs to 12yrs.

This is one of the two trial entry points. Level zero is conducted during regular school days. Stretches over a period of 4 days (once a week) and lasts for one month.

The objective is to engage children with different projects on science – robotics – mechanics – information technology so that the students get first-hand experience of what’s waiting ahead for them!

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