Why Oakleeaf

Oakleeaf understands that a same universal current flows through all beings. And when it comes to human beings the facts stay same irrespective of your age, geography or functional dynamics. Following the same string of connect Oakleeaf has designed age-appropriate self-re-engineering programs.

Identify the unique genius in your child and take help of the latest mind development techniques and therapies to enhance the qualities of your child’s mind. Give your child a chance to live a more confident and happier life! Come join a brigade of happier parents and extraordinary children.

One Stop Solution

Just the way these concepts are new to you as a parent so it is for your child. Oakleeaf takes all the due care to introduce these concepts patiently to you and your child.

OAKLEEAF is one stop solution for all your requirements to develop your child into a super intelligent and 360* self-aware individual. Right from developing his cognitive functions through science & technology workshops in an application based method to making him realise the power of his inner potentials and self-belief.

Trained Coaches & Counsellors

The founders and every trained instructor of OAKLEEAF are parents first and then trainers, counsellors or associates. A child joining Oakleeaf is dealt with utmost psychological care and patience.

Every trainer / Coach is certified subject matter expert and carries with him truck load of experience. We at Oakleeaf understand the value of a great trainer who can use their experience to get life out of the pre-defined standardised contents!

Curriculum Quality

The lifeline of any child workshop is the warmth and ability of its content to connect with the tender minds. Every aspect of the workshop needs to be designed after compassionate deliberation and practical implementation. Children should easily be able to connect with the content, enjoy the workshops and learn in a fun way.

Oakleeaf values the fact that handling the restless minds at this age is the biggest challenge and hence professionals and senior panellists have ensured the content is engrossing and fun. The content not only helps the instructor to grip the child’s mind with fun but also instil the required values and impact.

Implementation Support

Many a times we parent opt for the best of the programs however over a long run the thought itself fizzles off and so are the benefits. However Oakleeaf ensures the workshop values stay with you even after completion of the workshop duration. This is ensured through regular implementation follow-up by not only the trainers / instructors but also by the back-end staff

We ensure you get value out of each workshop or service you opt for!

"Education is not solely about earning a great living. It means living a great life."

- Brad Henry

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