Oakleeaf understands that a same universal current flows through all beings. And when it comes to human beings the facts stay same irrespective of your age, geography or functional dynamics. Following the same string of connect Oakleeaf has designed age-appropriate self-re-engineering programs.
Come join a brigade of happier self.

As an education consultant, business owner related to self-development segment or a new entrepreneur (who want to avoid a heavy upfront set up cost of Franchise) you know that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate income and give real value to your segment. But what matters most is choosing the right product and principal organization that echoes with your passion towards your customer segment.

Because of that, you want to work with a company that is best in the field of child development and overall wellness. You want a company that offers high quality solutions that truly have a positive impact on lives, time proven products and workshops, made up of a supportive team and above all shares the same passion as you, of offering the best to its audience.

    As our Affiliate OAKLEEAF strives to provide you the following five
  • Continuous Supply of Innovative Products
    • As an affiliate you are looking for a company that offers meaningful variety of products to your segment, but has a clear focus on overall wellbeing of customer families.
    • To start with,Oakleeaf offers you three best-in-class sel-development product and workshop packages, Fathom The Genius In You, Cognitive Re-engineering and Sub-conscious Re-engineeringwhich is completely born out of best research
  • Sustained Support in initial days and throughout
    • As an affiliate you would like your company not only to support you in initial exciting days of set-up but also a continuous support during your daily operations and marketing techniques for business acquisition.
    • Continuous support on products and bug fixing during regular workshops and report generation.
  • High Revenue Sharing Models and Timely Advance Payment
    • You want to work with a company that offers optimal revenue sharing rates and has room to expand, and pays on time – everytime.
    • Because we’re an established company with a track record for success, we’re able to pay our affiliates handsome and in advance.
    • Strict reference mapping to the original source hence a robust tracking ensures you are paid for your direct and also unknown indirect references
  • Unique Launch and Operational Strategies
    • Since Oakleeaf is a home to multiple champions on self-development segment, every affiliate is ensured of success through successful launch and operational strategies
    • Let it be technical or business acquisition strategies, We are with you all time all the way.
  • Its An Invite-Only Program to Ensure High Quality Team
    • That’s right! We believe in the power of networks and spending time on nurturing high quality relationships with our affiliates. Whether you have a big or small segment it doesn’t matter; it’s how connected and committed you are to your segment that does.
    • Oakleeaf – Affiliate program is by invite only. We receive large volumes of applications every week. Please bear with us while we review your information which requires detailed reviewing and filtering – your patience is kindly appreciated. If we find that your interest and passion matches with that of ours, we will reach out to you within 3 days and you will receive communication from Oakleeaf
    • Remember, give us as much information about your business and plan so we can see the possibilities in our partnership with you! :)

Here are some of the things that successful franchise in our team has in common:

  • A well-established following
  • High levels of engagement with their following
  • Continuous flow of customers Traffic
  • Property with required set-up standards
  • Since the franchise discussion would require in-person meeting kindly send across your interest in the following format:-

Come join a brigade of happier self.
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